Our client Omnipresent,  a remote-first Employer of Record (EOR) SaaS company launched in 2020, had experienced rapid growth from just 2 founders to a global team of 450+ following a funding raise of over $100m.

With a hiring plan which centred around attracting highly ambitious employees who would take ownership of their personal performance, the result was a talent pool with endless subject expertise, but the challenge was around having the right leadership and people management skills to go along with the rapid growth of the company. 

Slate Digital worked with leaders to develop their management skills, built a peer led network and created a culture aligned to the ambitious growth plans for the organisation.

Key Deliverables

Focused on team performance, our goal was a digital leadership programme that would develop the skills and capabilities of participants, improve team performance and would result in an increase in Employee NPS scores and feedback. 

All done digitally in a remote first company. 


  • A impactful intervention which enabled our client to identify leadership development needs across functions
  • Creation of a clearly defined leadership development framework with actionable insights that could be implemented across all levels of the organisation right away 
  • Content aligned to the context of Omnipresent, tailored to their employees to help them do their jobs better 
  • A leadership culture in line with the culture of the organisation and capable of driving business growth without losing sight of the company’s people-centric goals
  • A peer led network across the organisation, dedicated to delivering high performance in their teams and provide community for managers 
  • Improvement in employee feedback of managers 
  • Pro-active ambassadors across the organisation who were passionate about performance 

Our client was delighted with both the bespoke design and content of our leadership development programme which they felt perfectly captured their company values and goals, as well as the actual implementation and facilitation of the group and individual work we did with their leaders.

In their own words:

“In terms of both design and your approach of facilitation, both were absolutely good. I think both form part of the solution, I believe each and every one of them was a reflection of what you had discovered, and without any doubt, it was something that we needed and that absolutely filled the gaps that we were facing.”
– Kevin Ignatius, Omnipresent

What is it like to work with Slate Digital? 

“It felt very collaborative, like we were trying to create the best solution rather than just anything. Your flexibility and being so transparent with us to help us create something that was really meaningful for the participants.”

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