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Hi, I’m Ilona: consultant, coach and innovation aficionado who revels in all things growth for your business.

I’m the founder of Slate Digital, where our mission is to help purpose-led businesses and their people to grow and develop, and to achieve their full potential.



Visualise what the future looks like for you and your business;
Get laser focused and precise on the amazing goals you want to achieve; or
– Align your people around your strategy,

my small team of consultants and I have the experience, the expertise and the drive to get you from where you are, to where you need to be.

Our sweet spot is working with companies from early to mid-stage (think 30 to 300 people), helping you to lay the foundation for the growth you know you’re capable of achieving.

What lights us up is working with businesses who understand that their people make up their business, and that they need to invest in them and their skills to be able to see the results they dream of. 

We love working with leaders like you who recognise that doing great work is possible if you create an environment that is safe, fulfilling and fun for the people who choose to work there.

If you’re a leader who values your people as the life force that powers the products and services they create, AND you have big goals that you’d like to plan for and align your people around, then Slate Digital are the leadership specialists for you.





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