I’m excited to bring you a conversation with Kevin Ignatius, an L&D expert at Omnipresent, a digital company that focuses on global employment operations. Omnipresent is not only adapting to the digital age, but shaping it with their innovative approach. With Ominpresent being a remote-first culture, Kevin and I had the opportunity to design a leadership development program that truly reflects the needs of the digital age.

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In this episode, we delve into Kevin’s perspective on leadership as a behavior, not just an ideal, and share best practices for leading in a remote-first world. We’ll also hear about a simple yet effective tip for leading remotely and why context is key. Join us for a conversation that’ll inspire you to evolve in your own leadership development.

(00:35) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

Omnipresent is an innovative company that started as a response to the pandemic

They are remote only and needed to design their leadership development in a meaningful way

(05:03) Who is a leader that influenced you?

Leadership is often a byproduct of the company’s culture

Understanding why we perform certain leadership behaviors becomes really critical

(13:23) The gift of giving feedback in a constructive way

Creating an immediate sense of safety and desire to see team members succeed

(18:42) Who is a leader that influenced you?

You observe what’s happening around you and turn those into theories and learnings to then cultivate your own leadership style

(32:27) Tell me about something that helped you on your leadership development journey

The concept of followership as a dynamic form of leadership

Leadership ends up being an outcome of the designed workplace culture

ChatGPT vs human to human connection

Understanding our emotions and building our emotional intelligence

(45:44) What are your 3 top tips for leaders in the digital age?

The strategies you have so far will constantly be challenged and it’s going to be important to be emotionally secure enough to stay open-minded to changes, new perspectives, and new ideas

Be intentional about your leadership practices and always think about culture first

Create space for all the voices in your company

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