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Join me as I wrap up and reflect on season 4 of the Still Loading podcast! In this episode, I’m sharing my thoughts on the future of leadership in the digital age based on the observations and learnings from throughout this season.

We’ve had a diverse range of guests on the show who’ve offered some fantastic thought-provoking conversations. From insights on scale-ups and startups to challenges and successes with customer success, marketing, and leadership. We’ve covered it all and there will be more to come! Tune in to hear what we have in store for season 5! 

(00:34) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

  • We’ve explored the expertise and wisdom of leadership, both as a concept and what it looks like in digital age

(01:36) Hype around ChatGPT and its effects on the workplace for the future

  • Leaders in the digital age will need to be adaptable in this face-paced world of ever evolving tech, but nothing will replace the emotional human to human connection that companies need to successfully grow and lead

(04:11) The importance of company culture

  • Team members need to feel psychologically safe to voice their thoughts, opinions, and ideas

(7:35) Understand what your boundaries need to be as a leader

  • Learn where you are willing to flex in those boundaries and where you aren’t and clearly communicate that with your team

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