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The side hustle economy is on the rise! With more and more people developing an interest to launch there own thing, it’s predicted that by 2030 there will be more side hustlers than full-time employees. But even with this rapidly growing trend, most side hustlers are afraid to inform their day-time leadership, fearing that it’ll be perceived as a distraction from their day job. But Mary Agbesanwa, founder of female millennial entrepreneurial community, ‘Now You’re Talking Network’, shares her insights and perspectives on how side hustlers have the potential to become great leaders in a larger organization.

Mary is passionate about how technology is transforming and democratizing the financial services industry and supporting millennials to achieve their full potential. Now she works at a B2B fintech leading sales and she also runs the ‘Now You’re Talking Network’ which has over 850 members and aims to help women earn more and be more confident. The network runs regular events and workshops for their community of women and staff at over a dozen leading companies including PwC, WeWork, Multiverse, Henley Business School and British Land.

(00:47) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

How can we embrace the holistic nature of people’s interests and skill sets and bring it into the working environment?

As a leader, how can you think about broadening your understanding of the ways of work?

(18:15) Who is a leader that influenced you?

How Michelle Obama is a great role model for leadership in the way she speaks, in the way she acts, and by the way she exudes confidence and belief in herself

(21:43) Tell me about something that helped you on your leadership development journey

The power of networking and how it can help you further your career in a leadership role

The importance of communication in-person and remotely and why there is such a difference between the two

(33:16) What are the trends in leadership that you are seeing in your field?

Seeing leaders be more empathic with their team

Employee’s putting a lot of trust in their leaders to support them

Employee’s profiling a company for the right cultural fit

(39:47) What are your 3 top tips for leaders in the digital age?

The importance of continuing to educate yourself in your industry

Continue building relationships with new people in your industry and those similar

Take the time to work on your confidence

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