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Show Notes

Poor leadership could mean the difference between a thriving business and one that’s struggling to survive. So what does it mean to be an effective, and respected, leader in your organization? It means connecting with your team on a human level and giving them the support they need to succeed. 

Sean Georges, J.D., LL.M. and John Buford, Ph.D. are the co-founders of On Mission Leadership. With over 80+ years of combined experience throughout their extraordinary careers, they have been students, observers, mentors, and teachers of leadership development. 

Sean is a Naval Academy graduate who served in the Marine Corps for 13 years, the bulk of them as a military lawyer. He earned a law degree from the University of Illinois and an advanced law degree from the Judge Advocate General’s School at the University of Virginia. For the past 22 years he has served as the senior vice president of human resources and general counsel for a publicly traded retailer with 380 stores and more than 5,000 employees. Sean serves on a variety of nonprofit boards and presented his perspectives in the TEDx Talk “The Essence of Authenic Leadership,” which has been viewed on YouTube more than 33,000 times. He is a leadership coach and mentor, co-founder of On Mission Leadership, and frequent public speaker. 

John Buford served as a Marine Corps officer for more than 20 years, conducting operations overseas and teaching at officer training schools. After retiring from the Marines, John earned a doctoral degree in education (training and performance improvement specialization) and became a certified wilderness medicine instructor, college professor, and outdoor educator. He is the co-founder of On Mission Leadership, a certified leadership coach, professional wilderness guide, whitewater kayak/canoe and sea kayak instructor, human performance consultant, and board member of several nonprofit organizations. 

(01:16) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

  • Inspiring perspectives of leadership development through decades of experience

(17:06) Who is a leader that influenced you?

  • Impactful leadership isn’t just about what you say and do, it’s also about how you care of your team

(25:45) Tell me about something that helped you on your leadership development journey

  • Accountability and remembering to be a human

 (40:57) What are the trends in leadership that you are seeing in your field?

  • Leadership is about having authentic relationships and it takes time
  • Quiet quitting and how it is a direct result of poor, or lack of, leadership

 (00:00) What are your 3 top tips for leaders in the digital age?

  • Be intentional about investing in your development
  • The discipline of empathy
  • You cannot lead without genuinely caring 
  • Leaders put effort into serving their team

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