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Show Notes

In this episode we’re reflecting on the stories, expertise, and the wisdom of our guests so far. Tune in to hear my take on developing sales skills, building relationships as part of your marketing strategy, and the importance of focusing on your customer’s journey after they buy your product.

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(00:38) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

  • Adapting to think like the customer
  • What’s the problem and how do you communicate a solution that connects with the customer? 
  • What are you doing to support your customer’s success?

(01:44) Key learnings from episode 34 

  • Curse of Knowledge – “The curse of knowledge is a cognitive bias that occurs when an individual, who is communicating with other individuals, assumes that the other individuals have the background knowledge to understand. This bias is also called by some authors the curse of expertise.”

(07:50) Key learnings from episode 35

  • Increasing visibility as a brand
  • Honing in on your messaging
  • Building influential relationships 

(11:24) Key learnings from episode 36

  • Customer experience with your company
  • What are the touchpoints?
  • Is the customer supported? 

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