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You don’t have a business without your customers – but are you focusing on customer success?
To build momentum and survive in the market, start-ups have to evolve rapidly, and oftentimes that means that there’s a tendency to solve problems from the top down instead of from the bottom up. It’s easy to think that hiring a more senior role with a specific set of skills is the right solution for customer success but a lot of times, that’s done too soon.

Digital transformation leader and customer success expert, Rebecca Jones, shares about the challenges of customer success in the start-up world and how taking a deep dive into the customer journey can make all the difference. After 15 years in the corporate financial services industry, Rebecca took her experience and started making waves in the FinTech start-up world, doing all things digital transformation and customer success.

She shares more about building a community for customer support and the importance of properly managing it, understanding the customer journey, and understanding the role of customer success in your business. 

(00:40) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

  • Customers need to be at the forefront of what you’re developing, regardless of your business
  • How are you incorporating the customer’s voice in your business?

(20:14) Who is a leader that influenced you?

  • So much experience and growth came from being trusted with big opportunities and getting feedback often
  • I was provided a safe space to fail

(27:57) Tell me about something that helped you on your leadership development journey

  • Understanding how quickly everything is going to change and setting those expectations

 (35:28) What project are you currently working on?

  • Higher and Old – Opening up the conversation about hiring candidates that have invaluable experience although it may not be the exact experience you’re looking for

 (47:03) What are your 3 top tips for leaders in the digital age?

  • Learn to say no to the customer, be your customer’s advocate, and understand that customer success is a part of everyone’s role

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