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Show Notes

Building relationships is a fundamental key to growth in your business. Whether it’s relationships with your customers, partners, or employees it’s crucial to establish and maintain that trust and comfortability with your brand from the inside out. 

Lucy Woolfenden has 20 years’ experience of launching brands and developing them across multiple markets. Lucy is the Founder of The Scale Up Collective, working with a wide portfolio of challenger brands and her experience includes launching Skype for Mobile, Starling Bank and Yolt. Lucy also mentors startup founders and teams from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We discuss developing in to the kind of leader that empowers team, collaboration, innovation, and motivation within the walls your company. 

(00:52) Ilona’s Reflections; TLDR

  • Having people in your corner who will be your champion
  • Who is that person in your life?

(10:16) Who is a leader that influenced you?

  • Creating relationships to build trust and get results
  • Leveraging relationships to motivate people 

(16:23) What are the characteristics of a good leader/founder?

  • Understanding that you need sales and marketing to make a business
  • Being an open and active listener to your mentors, your team, and your audience

(20:01) Tell me about something that helped you on your leadership development journey

  • Figuring out where your strengths lie and learning how to use that as your superpower

 (23:19) What are the trends in leadership that you are seeing in your field?

  • The concept of customer first vs profit first

 (37:53) What are your 3 top tips for leaders in the digital age?

  • Progress over perfection, transparency within your team, and collaboration vs competition

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