A new business strategy requires a considered approach to internal communication and leadership, which Slate Digital was able to deliver to great effect across this Fintech’s global workforce.


Our Fintech clients were moving into a new phase in their growth and development as a company. 

After 5 years establishing themselves as a recognisable leader in the Fintech space, they decided to embark on a new strategy: To become the defining category leader for embedded finance experience. 

This would expand their reach in the market beyond the Fintech space, and into new segments where there was an identifiable need for relevant technology amongst traditional companies just starting to embark on a digital transformation journey – accelerated by Covid-19. 


Slate Digital worked directly with the C-suite to understand the company’s new strategy, and to develop a plan which would:

  • Enable the leadership team to effectively communicate the new strategy internallythis effectively internally;
  • Enable the 500+ globally dispersed employees to understand and get on board with the changes;
  • Enable employees to appreciate the specifics of what the changes would mean for their roles, and for the company as a whole;
  • Enable to marketing team to develop and define new target markets, new ideal customer profiles, and new collateral for the sales teams. 

Key deliverables 

With these objectives in mind, our team at Slate created and implemented three levels of course content to be delivered across the company.

These included modules for Managers & Leaders, modules for Customer Teams, and modules for the whole organisation. 

All course content was project managed and successfully delivered to a very tight timeline by our team, and was made up of infographics, video, scripts, animation, course design and SME interviews.

As part of the internal communications strategy, we also designed and delivered bespoke workshops – both in-person and online – to facilitate the practical application of the new strategic narrative for all customer facing teams (c50 people).

In addition, key customer-facing collateral was created in order to facilitate customer education in new target markets, helping to accelerate the sales cycle. 


  • Within 30 days of the announcement of the new category and rebranding, 98% of the 500+ global employees had completed the coursework, with over 87% being able to apply the new strategy to their roles effectively.
  • Within 6 months of the new strategic change, the company was classified as a ‘unicorn’ company in the UK, thanks to their bold new vision, category design, and the seamless implementation facilitated by Slate Digital.
  • Within 6 months of implementation, the company saw over 20% increase in ideal customer category clients investing in ARR services.

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