Our client, an insurance company who had recently launched a temporary motor cover product into the market, needed our help understanding product-market fit to determine how they could launch a subscription-based model the following quarter. 

The company had developed an online portal for the product, and was trying to gain traction in the market. 

Slate Digital worked with them to analyse their current customer base and conduct competitor analysis to see where they could optimise the customer journey throughout the buying lifecycle, to increase customer lifetime value. 

Key Deliverables

We conducted 4 deep dive workshops into different stages of the customer journey, to identify quick wins, provide strategy insights, and inform long-term planning and goal-setting.


  • Slate Digital identified quick wins to allow the client to optimise win-back rates on the customer acquisition journey, such as optimising the customer cancellation process, and collecting data relevant to targeted marketing, all whilst retaining the company’s great customer experience. 
  • Based on our workshops, we were able to provide a high level data strategy to inform the next 12 months of planning, laying the foundation for building skills and capabilities within teams who would be critical to the effective implementation of the new subscription model product.
  • Informed by the above, we conducted a strategy workshop to establish clear strategic long term goals, providing a framework on which to test hypotheses and drive growth to the new product offering. 

Our client was delighted with our approach and deliverables, as they were able to implement many of our findings immediately, and apply others to longer term planning cycles. This enabled them to win new customers, and to build a stronger market proposition, within a very short time frame.

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