Our client, an innovator in the InsurTech industry, was positioning itself to grow the B2B arm of their business. 

Following tremendous success in building a B2C proposition in the short term insurance space, they were eager to capitalise on opportunities to grow in the vehicle fleet industry.

Maximising the success of B2B brokers

The B2B market is predominantly controlled by brokers, so the foundation of Slate Digital’s work was based in developing a B2B strategy working with insurance brokers across the UK. 

Our work started by examining the data provided by the client for the last 12-18 months of B2B transactions, then identifying and analysing the top performing brokers based on GWP, leads and converted leads. 

This gave us the means to segment the top performing brokers, and to analyse the trends that made them successful, within the first 90 days of engaging with our client.

Next steps involved conducting in-depth interviews with broker teams and other senior stakeholders across the business, gaining a deeper understanding of how to optimise existing processes and systems. 

The findings of these interviews enabled us to strategise around onboarding more brokers, improving existing broker performance, and refining selection criteria when selecting brokers to work with.

Key deliverables: 

  • A clear segmentation of brokers, based on size, market opportunity and strategy for engagement for with each of the different segments. 
  • A revised selection criteria to be able to identify the most suitable brokers and brokerages to target and engage with for high growth. 
  • A streamlined onboarding process for the broker team to onboard brokers more effectively, thereby increasing their performance in the first 90 days 

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