Leadership Development

We all know that great businesses are built by great leaders.

Slate Digital prepares your leaders for accelerated growth following Series A to C funding, building a resilient, collaborative and future-focused leadership team who can confidently deliver to both your internal and external stakeholders.

Our key areas of focus are: 

  • Developing business & cultural acumen 
  • Building future-proof Digital leaders
  • Increasing empathy within and across teams 
  • Developing resilience 
  • Maximising cross-functional collaboration 
  • Improving remote and hybrid ways of working 
  • Leading global and disparate teams 


Working closely with your leadership team, the Slate Digital team will build a clear idea of your goals and your vision. We’ll identify key needs and opportunities, understanding strengths and weaknesses and the factors influencing the attainment of your goals. 

Once we have an understanding of the gap between where you are and where you want to be, we can begin working together to create a strategy and begin implementing the solution.

Everything we do is aimed at creating real and lasting change in your leaders, leaving you with a resilient, collaborative and future-focused leadership team who can confidently deliver to both your internal and external stakeholders.

Sales Process and Enablement 

Any great scale up needs a world class sales department working as a highly effective team at the forefront of growth to drive revenue. 

We work with your leaders and teams to identify how the business can optimise sales process, allowing you to scale and maximising customer experience and retention, without losing momentum on your current deals.

Our key areas of focus: 

  • Building an enterprise sales methodology to identify and optimise sales processes
  • Facilitating change during implementation of new sales tools and software 
  • Increasing velocity of deals through sales enablement
  • Improving sales performance through key interventions 
  • Increasing average deal value

Change Management

Scale ups face a vast amount of change in a very short space of time, and managing its effects whilst working at pace to maintain the day to day operations can be particularly challenging.

Slate Digital acts as your experienced advisory and support team during this period of intense growth, providing both structure and practical tools to help you navigate change strategically.

Our key areas of focus: 

  • Communication strategy and planning 
  • Communications and enablement strategy when implementing new technology and software 
  • Internal enablement aligned to new business strategy 
  • Strategic narrative change when moving into new markets, segments or categories 
  • Comms support when going through a brand and name change 

Personal Coaching

Individual 1-on-1 coaching to foster innovation, strategic thinking and confidence both as an individual on a personal career path, and as an effective leader able to inspire teams to achieve goals and deliver on targets within the organisiation.

Our key areas of focus: 

  • Personal growth coaching
  • Individual leadership development

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